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Pregnant or OVER-weight?

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Cristal was put in with Tommy about 5 weeks ago, she looked most definately pregnant but she still hasn't dropped, she has put on lots of weight on her shoulders too and her weight is a whopping 72g!!

Can some one also confirm her colour? I am confused between; Dove Satin or Champagne Satin??


aly-lou :)
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She's not a dove. What colour are her eyes? As for being pregnant, if you took the buck out from her less than 3 weeks ago then she could be pregnant since like people they don't always conceive straight away.
She has Reddish/Pinky eyes and he was removed after 10 days so even by the last day she would be 26 days gone.

Here are some more photos that I have of her:

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She's a champagne satin then :) And she won't be pregnant if it has been 26 days since she was last with a buck.
Just a fatty then eh? :lol:
Oh no that's terrible! :lol: I have a gross-ly over weight mouse, diet me thinks, Pronto!

Thanks for all your help Cait. :)
Sadly, after a visit to our Vet, Cristal had to be put down. The Vet confirmed she had suffered a complication with the birth.

R.I.P Cristal :cry:
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