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Pregnant doe shes fine im nervous!

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You may know that I got back into mice recently and have only had mine less than a week. All girls have been in with a male, well two thanks to the seller not noticing a "females" massive manhood! I notice the shaggy coated satin female is very big tonight compared to yesterday and the days before. I have no idea when they male was put in and cant really trust much the seller has told me as none of it has been true yet. Shes in with 3 others, when do you think I should seperate her, until I know how she is as a mum I dont know whether she'd be ok with the others. She is happily making a nice bed but quite enthusiastically tonight. She is sharing with another proven girl and one im not sure of but the other female has been sent out to another bed (without fights) is this because shes settled with the previous mums around or ...I havnt done all this since I was a kid so excuse the stupid questions.
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You could move all but the experienced doe to another tank. If the one that's pregnant is close to popping I wouldn't move her at this point.
I think the brown and white is pregnant but not that close and I believe she has been bred before and is the older one out of them. Leaving her in there might be fine. Gonna be a big cage for 2 mice lol. Ill see what I can move around after work and let her settle. I really didnt want the male in with them all. If I had mice for sale I wouldnt be mating them all so the next owner is inundated.
you can leave the girls together just take the boy away and the girls will help the mum with the babys
How many females do you have in the tank? If you have two females who are both pregnant, and they're a week or so appart and they give birth in the same tank, then the younger litter could end up not being fed as the older pups 'hog' the nipples.
I sure hope the problem was already addressed, since the original post was from August 28.

Holy old *bump* Batman!

Oops! Sorry I didn't check the date, I just saw it was in active posts :oops: :lol:
I learned to watch the dates after the last 2 bump-idemics hit.. :lol:
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