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Possible breeding pairs

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I recently acquired 14 mice to start breeding. I have separated the bucks from the does and will place them into breeding groups at the end of October that should give any pregnant does time to have litters and get them well started. These are pet type mice that I am working on improving. I am working to produce Self Blues, Tans (Champagne and Blue), Banded tans.

My first group will be
Broken Black Buck
Black Doe
2 Black Tans
Self Black
Banded Black

My second group will be
Broken Blue Buck
Blue brindle (possibly avy/at)
Broken brindle I believe she is also blue rather than black as I originally thought

What I have remaining then is
Broken Champagne Tan Buck \ These two will be paired together for sure.
Champagne Tan doe w/white strip /
Broken Agouti \
Fawn possible RY \
I'm not sure where to put any of these I really like the chocolate fox color as well as the fawn and
Chocolate fox / the broken agouti has nice body and good tail so I don't really want to get rid of any of them but don't
/ want to add any genes to the colors I already have especially anything on the C locus so any suggestions for these does as far as how I might possibly use them to produce some useful offspring (not that they couldn't make good pets) would be appreciated
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