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So I'm a small time breeder in Hungary. Not an AFRMA member, but I do my best to keep to all standards.
Some time ago I had some "reddish" colors pop up. Test breedings show that it's a dominant trait, and comes with red and black eyes. So I figured they must be fawns and "bad" reds.
I bred a fawn girl of mine to a non related texel splash buck. (I know splash isn't really a good idea to improve colours, but he's my best texel and I wondered if I can get texel fawns)
I did get a rex or a bad texel fawn girl, but the other.. I can't figure out what colour she is.
She has white base colour, appears splash with some reaally faint peachy markings. It almost can't be seen. Her eyes are black.
So I wonder if it's a diluted fawn splash? I've heard from somewhere about "apricot" being a similar colour but I didn't find anything about it yet.

I'll attach some pics. First ones are her, then mom with red eyes, then a rex (or bad texel) red sibling with black eyes, and lastly a splashed fox sibling.

Any ideas welcome. I admit I'm not up to date on my knowledge on reds, as they aren't ones of my main lines, it's more like a bit of experimenting with right now.

This is her:
Hand Felidae Small to medium-sized cats Carnivore Finger

Finger Rodent Nail Rat white footed mice

Recipe Finger Gesture Nail Ingredient

Leg Human body Gesture Finger Felidae

Rat Small animal food Rodent Fawn Whiskers

Vertebrate Rodent Mammal Organism Whiskers

Rodent Rat Finger Whiskers Fawn

Finger Nail Soil Thumb Electric blue
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