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Plesent surprise

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Well I raise rabbits and have decided to work with two breeds one new hybrid called velvet lions and an old dieing breed called the astrex. Well I was surprised today to find that my astrex doe had given birth to 6 beautifull babies she wasn't due for another 3 days but both mom and babies look great right now. Two otters, one broken black and three brokens that are either blues or lilacs. I hope they do well because then I'll have killed two birds with one stone with this litter as the buck is a lion head. I'll post pictures once they get some fur and I know whether any of them are astrex. :!:
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This is mom Dottie she is an astrex but I don't know how well you'll see the crimping in her fur ... 030368.jpg
This is the babies only a few hours old ... 010394.jpg
And these pics where taken today kits are now 2 days old ... 020398.jpg
It looks like all of them will have normal fur because they all have straight wiskers so I'll keep a buck and breed him back to mom next year.
Mum is just beautiful! Bet she's so soft and velvety to hold :)

Sarah xxx
Ooh, how sweet!

Whats that fluffly stuff in the nest?
Whats that fluffly stuff in the nest?[/quote]

Mother rabbits pull fur from their belly to build a nest. Some use hay to but I think because of the heat we've had she didn't feel the need.
Oooh the pain!!!

It looks comfy though :p
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