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Please follow these guidelines when using this forum to buy/sell animals


If you reply to a thread offering a home to a mouse or mice, please be sure before you post that this is a genuine offer. If you are under 16 you need to check with your parents (others may need to check with other people such as their landlord or partner). If you then set up a time to collect your new mice, please be sure that you can make this time and let the seller know if you can't. Sellers should also keep in touch with buyers and let them know beforehand of any problems, either anything that has become apparently wrong with the mice, or whether they can no longer make the time agreed. The forum encourages mouse breeders but cannot be held responsible for any behaviour outside the forum.


If you are buying animals from someone you do not know you need to take precautions. First of all it is a good idea to ask for photos of the animals you will be buying to make sure that you are both happy. Secondly it is a good idea to meet in a public place such as a mouse show, or to take someone with you when collecting from a private residence. It is also a good idea to pay cash on collection and agree the amount in advance - if you send any money before you collect the animals this is at your own risk. Sellers will equally want to ensure that they are paid on collection and not afterwards.


If you have posted a WANTED or FORSALE post please update it on a regular basis, This will avoid Mod's and Admin asking you to update your threads. Any threads that are older than 2 months will automatically be locked, if your mouse/mice/other animals are still for sale or wanted you will need to post a new thread.

~ Thanks, Forum Staff
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