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Pinks vanished???

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I had 12 pinks to start. I culled 3 myself. that left 9. last night i had 8 and thought i just missed one but tonight i only have 7. I searched the whole nest couldnt find them. and there arent any body parts anywhere or dead bodies. Where could they have gone?!?
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They were 'cuisined'. It happens from time to time, for any of a number of reasons, and you'll neer know jsut why. Sorry.
Yup, sounds to me like they were eaten. Body parts generally aren't left unless you catch them half way through the eating.
yum.... not. figures i got a couple cannibals for mice lol

so did she eat them becuase she couldnt handle that many? or is there something else that could be triggering it?

I kept her cage mate in with her and she has been "house sitting" when momma goes to eat and drink and get away from the pinks.
It could be that she senses something wrong with the babies. She may not be comfortable with that number. She could just have issues.

How old are they now? Did you give her a day or two to adapt once they were born or were you immediately in there disturbing the nest? Is it a new doe?

All of those things could lead to her eating the babies. I've had my fair share of this. In fact my best doe ate her first two litters, entirely - and it was entirely my fault. I was too eager and disturbed her, making her feel unsafe. And I've had one since then destroy half of her litter, before I was brave enough to cull to a decent size - she had 14... wayyy too many.
you will probably know this already, but just in case:
Baby eating can have several reasons and very often you will never find out the reason, but one very important reason is the lack of essential aminoacids. Therefore many breeders feed animal proteins, eg food for dog- or cat puppies, insects, scrammbled eggs etc.
I use an individualised food for my mice. Pregnant and nursing females get more proteins than old bucks. Pregnant females get fresh dandelion leaves to induce milk. Mice which should breed together get sprout food to add natural vitamine E and so on and on.

Best regards, Roland
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Roland said:
The place where science meets fun!
Ha ha ha! only just seen this! fantastic! x
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