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I noticed a few people asking about how to post pictures, and I remembered that I had made a tutorial on another forum on how to do it. :)
So I'm copying it, and pasting it here for people to use!

Most of the tutorials I've seen on sites use Photobucket... I find photobucket annoying, and difficult to use personally.

Here, I will give you a step by step picture guided tutorial on how to post your pictures using

Save your picture somewhere in your computer, where you can find it, and with a good name!

We'll use my image of a 'painted cat' for this tutorial.

Go to

NOTE: You are not required to sign up to use Tinypic! :)
BUT, if you do, it allows you to upload up to 5 images at one time, which makes it very easy if you need to upload a couple of photos. :)

Click the 'Browse' button

Find your picture in your folders, and double click it

Once you have clicked your image, the box near the brose button should have some text in it, that shows the location of the file.
Now, all you have to do, is click the bit green 'upload' button.

Now your file is on the internet, and you can post it on the forum here!
All you have to do for that, is copy the text in the box that says, 'Image code for Forums & Message boards'. Clicking inside of the box once, should highlight all of the text. Then you cna rght mouse click, and select 'copy' or press ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the text.

Post your picture on the forum!
Once you have that text code copied, you can paste it on your forum post, wherever you want it, and the image will show up, just like this!

If you want to upload another image, just press the 'upload more' button, and it will start the process over again! :)

I hope this helps a lot of people to post images. :)
Thanks for looking!
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