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Pics of my mice

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I like to show you some of my mice:

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They're beautiful! :D
Such good photo's too. I love the mouse in the last pic, is it a Splashed?
Thank you for your compliment :)

Yes the last two pics are both from the same mouse, a Siamese Blue Agouti Point Splashed with Odd Eyes :)

more pics:
Colorpointed Beige

Agouti Piebald

Silvered Burmese Splashed

Siamese Blue Agouti Point
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Stunning mice!!
Love the reds in the first set of pics and the splashed siamese
what beautiful wee meeces!! particularly loving the red :)
Thank you. I'm very proud of them. My little carotts :)
Love the last one - think splashy mice are cool :D
I would love to steal a few of your meecers. =]
I'm afraid you'll got no chance ;)
he will protect my mice :lol: :twisted:

some pics of my blues and blacks:

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Hahah darn.. I dont think I could get past that killer!! :lol:
I love the red and splashed and the blues :D Beautiful!! And my kitty will take on your killer doggy :lol:
yesterday I made lots of pics

Siamese Seal Point

Sepia Fox

Siamese Seal Point

Cinnamon Umbrous

Beige Agouti Satin

Burmese Satin

Beige Satin

Siamese Blue Agouti Point Splashed

Young Sable

Young Siamese Blue Point or/and Lilac Point

Yana - Siamese Lilac Point Satin

Samson - Siamese Seal Point or Chocolate Point (not sure yet)

Siamese Blue Point

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