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Pickle isn't a PEW?

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I've just been watching Pickle wobble around in her preggers state. Trying to climb and jump about but failing misserably, bless. Anyway, when the light hits her sides, she has what looks like tan markings? They are very light, going to try get some piccies but I don't know if I will manage to get it.

What does that make her?
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A mouse.

(Sorry! Couldn't help it...)

If she is tan, she's probably diluted on the c-locus with something like beige or chinchilla, and then again on another locus (such as Ay/*, red) that would wipe out what color the c-locus had left.

Depending on what her babies are (do you know the father?) and how well the pictures turn out, we could tell you for certain. :)
Thanks Jack. As it happens I do know who the father is and by absolute fluke lol, we put her with a black tan to test both for health. I've just nabbed a piccie but it is very light. As I said before, it's only when the light catch it right that it can be seen. Almost looks like dirty stripes on her sides. Also a pic of the buck.


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Could she be an undermarked brindle?
She could be whatever you guys decide she is haha. I only know her parents were "silvery, stoney whites". I didn't see them in person. Hence the test breeding for health.
Pickles appears to have a very pastel orange tummy; the first pic is a moderately good marked black tan. I'd guess that Pickles is
a silver tan, since i think I see faint hints of ticking or darkening...the tan belly is so faint though, that she also could be a off shaded fox, which would make sense if father is a^t/a c^ch/c, his tan would be so-so...just brainstorming here. anybody else have an idea?
Well thank the meece lord that you lot are here to work all this out! Thank you for thinking it over. I'm glad she doesn't look "quite right" (for a pew) to others too. I didn't want to be the forum newbie making a sausage out of herself, heh.
I can't say for sure what she is (when she gives babies that should help), but I can say what she's not. She's not a PEW.

She's also not an undermarked brindle because you're in Scotland. The brindle windyhill is talking about occurs only in Australia and the US.

moustress said:
the first pic is a moderately good marked black tan.
Nope, he's marked. "Black tan" is a show category and he could not be shown as a black tan due to the white markings. He's still a very cute mouse!
Looks like tan to me. Very hard to see though.

Oh, and I want that buck. ;)
The darndest thing is that what you see isn't always what you have. A mouse can look like one color, but have a genotype that doesn't match what you see. There are so many factors, and these light colors are the worst when trying to judge from photos. She's definitely not a PEW, though, or any other kind of white.
So, how will things be clearer when she has babies? *Enter ones lack of genetic knowledge here*

I'm presuming that if certain babies are X, then we'll know what she is (likely to be), but what am I looking out for in the little ones?
For example, if you had chocolate babies you'd know she was a very light champagne (plus something else) tan. If she had red babies, you'd know she was red (fawn) diluted by something...and so forth.
Thanks Jack :)

I guess I'll just keep everyone updated with baby news and rack everyone's brains again when I can get baby pics up. Should be interesting as I can go back to the same breeder for more of the same line :)
You're very welcome! All of my mice come from known lines so I only very rarely get a "surprise" where I have to figure out the genetics. It's fun. :p
Hehe, I purposefully got these for the surprise reason. My main aim with mice, in fairness, is for them to be culled and fed to the snakies. Have done it for a while.. however!

I figure I'm breeding them, got the time and space, I want to learn more about them genetic wise and work on colours as I go.

Hence my wanting to start from scratch, learn along the way and have fun :)
Just thought I'd give a quick update, we still have no babies from Pickle. She has been separated from Scottie (other doe who I don't think fell pregnant this time) for a week now (in fact, since the evening this thread went up) but still no signs of labour or babies. She has stopped getting bigger, no changes in behaviour, still the same old Pickle.. wish she would bleddy hurry up. It has been 22 days now since she was with the buck :roll:
Then she's probably not pregnant. If you still want to, I'd try her again. :)
Oh she is lol, she is absolutely mahoosive :shock: Just seems to be taking her time :roll:

My argente is going back with the above pictured marked black tan though, since she didn't fall pregnant the first time round.

Fingers crossed she drops soon, she can't possibly take any longer. Not even like she has gone in to labour and had troubles birthing, she just appears to be quite content with a tennis ball tummy :/
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