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Picked up some new mice :)

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Found another somewhat local breeder, and picked these up tonight!

Fuzzy doe

Fuzzy buck (was supposed to be a doe...grr)

Satin Angora Brindle doe

Satin Angora Brindle doe

Angora black pied (low white, only on her feet and a tiny spot on her snout)

Satin Angora Brindle buck (was supposed to be a doe as well...haha)

Satin Angora Brindle doe

Satin Angora Agouti doe

Blue Tan doe

Black pied Fuzzy buck (only one that was supposed to be a buck lol)

And my favorite, Satin Angora Champagne doe. She is super tiny, so I put her in with my PEW's litter (they are around the same size), so hopefully she'll be alright. My PEW has accepted her, thankfully. She's so much prettier in person, and super sweet!

All of the Angora are supposed to be fuzzy carriers as well. Some of the brindles may also be pregnant (she was not good at telling their genders, as you can see from the mistaken bucks, and apparently she found a buck in her bin with the brindle does). Going to be awesome working brindle, angora, and satin into my champagne, silver, and dove projects!

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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