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I recently got a relatively nice HD camera, and discovered that it's really fun to take photos of the mice. Some of the following photos are cute, some are just photos I like, and some (hopefully you can tell which ones) are simply seriously funny.

Sleepybones - our adorable RY (we think) from our second litter. He's a month old today!

With his dad, Dr. Worm:

..and his brother, 2 month old Particle Man:

Do you think Dr. Worm is a little fat? :lol:

Jitterbug is very proud of her toilet paper tube ladder.

Sleepy's got a bit of a long tail:

Finally, what could be better than amateur photoshop?

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Also, sorry, I'm pretty sure that this should be in the lounge, not "fun stuff"!
Thanks :) we really love him. He was a surprise, that's for sure!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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