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a PEW can have menny genotypes. but if it is a albino PEW with the gencode c/c

and the argent is A/_ C/_ p/p

you will probberly get agouti's A/_ C/c P/p

but if the PEW is made with A^y/_ c^e/c^e p/p
you will get 50% red eyed red A^y/_ C/c^e p/p
and 50% argente or dove/lillac (depents on the contry i are ind and if it's and argouti veraretie or a non-agouti) ind Findland they are dove ind USA they are lillac :roll:, but the genotype will be A/_ C/c^e p/p.. or a/a C/c^e p/p

but a PEW can allso have the genotype of.: A^y/_ c^ch/c^ch p/p... ho will give you the sam as A^y/_ c^e/c^e p/p will.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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