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PEW identification

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How do people who breed PEWs tell them apart from each other? I've heard of using markers to ID certain mice but this is temporary.

I wonder how others do it...
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I don't identify mine by any means. I can tell who is who generally speaking from their faults (or lack of) but I don't really need to know that this is mouse A, B, C. If I needed to know whose litter was whose then I would either keep the doe alone or put her with a different variety so there was no doubt, e.g. a rumpwhite.
I'm pretty much the same as Cait... My older breeding female PEW I have with another female of a different variety.

Out of the younger PEW's I have, I have named all of two... hehee The biggest boy and the biggest girl, who I can tell apart simpley because the type is better. The rest are still collectively called 'Flora's Boys and Flora's Girls' lol

Willow xx
This is the sort of thing that can be a problem if you keep almost all of the meeces you breed. I have had a flood of BEW's born in my mousery, even though I haven't been breeding for them. They are largely a product of breeding brindles to tris in several generations in a row. I just found a reference that explains why that happens :book5 ...a little too late...but, hey, they're mousies, and that's alright with me. :|
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