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Peterborough Show

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Who's going to the Peterborough show on Sunday? As you probably know it's my first outing with my doves, so I'm very excited :) If you see me come and say hi!

Sarah xxx
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Yep my local pet shop pays £2.50 per mouse but only takes does. They love brokens so I'm going to attempt to make enough money to support my show mice lines, hopefully it will be ok.
Well done everyone :) It was lovely to meet you SarahC and put a face to a name I will def be in touch about those dutch :) Nice to see SarahY and Ian again too, and ty Ian for my cute new buck. I also bought a lab cage for £4 from the dodgy rescue place so was pleased about that. And Lian managed to stop me filling up my shed with rescue rats that I felt sorry for hehe. And I managed to get BOA in the rat section to my suprise with a pearl doe. Now all my young does are in breeding so hoping for some decent kittens for the Bradford champs next year :)

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Well done Julie,

I almost came home with the poor dutch rabbit from that awful 'rescue'. I dont understand why a rescue would be selling animals rather than asking for a donation, even a suggested donation!
they are there every year, we used to be set up opposite them when we were in the cattle sheds, I think one or two members would go home with rodents or rabbits from there every year, I suppose they know we are all "easy targets" in a way being lovers of small furries
has there been any move forward in powder blues being accepted as a rat variety yet,I might join if they get the go ahead.
They are accepted Sarah, they are still shown in the New Varieties class, I think one member is planning to start working on them soon :)

I'm working on a variety that is still in New Varieties (Russian Topaz), there are not many entrants at the moment in that class.

You really have to get your variety "out there" and get it seen by the judges and then once it has been deemed as fitting its standard well and showing well etc then you can ask the Standards Officer for approval for it to go up into Guide Standard.

If shows run next year and we have no more awful bugs I hope to get Russian Topaz out in front of as many judges as I can and then maybe ask before 2010 AGM
I have a litter that to my eyes, which of course are novice ,look good.Thats it then I'm going to join .Will I get a guidline of them as a variety with membership.As I haven't shown any or bought much stock,I have bypassed the nasty virus that did the rounds.Good look with yours,they sound lovely.
You should get a set of standards and rules when you join as your join up pack, you can look at the standards on the website though and click on varieties

it will be lovely to see you at shows Sarah, you don't have to be a member to show at NFRS shows, they are all open, so you could try some out for size :)

I'm judging in Meldreth on 14th November, which I don't think is too far from Leicestershire, not sure where you are
ian said:
Well done Julie,

I almost came home with the poor dutch rabbit from that awful 'rescue'. I dont understand why a rescue would be selling animals rather than asking for a donation, even a suggested donation!
Oh Ian, I felt for that rabbit too :( 5 years old, and offered for sale to anyone with £15 in their pocket. She deserved so much more :( Artis are well dodgy, you should have seen the state of the ferrets they had a few years ago on their stand :(

Look forward to seeing you at a rat show or 2 then SarahC :) We have a show in Brigstock in December too, again, not far from the Leicester area. I also breed a new variety, cream, but have nothing to show atm and waiting for kittens.
I should have taken the rabbit, I regret not taking her (although it would have caused chaos among my bonded pair.) I have a spare indoor rabbit cage she could have stayed in until she bonded in and then had free range of the garage. :(

Poor thing, I have a black dutch buck and just saw the potential in her. She just was so unresponsive and quiet, dutch are such intelligent and inquisitive rabbits. At the end of the day when she was still there I struggled not to go over again. IOt would not have been worth the argument when I got home :oops:
You have to think of your rabbits first though Ian, especially if you have no where else to quarrantine her :( I can't imagine that rescue vaccinating, or vet checking anything they offer up for homing :(

I hope all the animals there find nice homes.
Very true, i really doubt James would have let me quarantine her in the house :roll:
My partner is like that :roll: I managed to convince her to let me quarantine new pets in the conservatory, but she won't let them in the house! LOL
She says maybe if I had one or two mice it would be different... I just have too many! :lol:

Willow xx
LOL Willow and Ian. You have to train them better then ;) Takes years of careful conditioning to make them believe it was their idea in the first place ;)
Better still, so that they either shrug their shoulders becuase there's no point arguing OR they see something and suddenly come out with - you should get one of those! :lol: :roll:
Just wanted to have a little grumble...

I put my silver doe in class 10, u/8 AOC self, along with my dove does. She is my best mouse and didn't get judged because she was apparently in the wrong class. I've just checked the show schedule because it was bugging me and she was in the right class! There was no class for silvers, chams were with fawns this time round. How bleedin' annoying! Why was the schedule different on the show day to what was printed in the NMC News?

Incidently SarahC, you had put your fawn in the right class...

Sarah xxx
I can only assume that the wrong schedule was printed in the NMC News because if they'd changed it after entries were made they'd have had to swap everything round on the day and that would just be silly. What a shame for your silver Sarah :(
Well, never mind :) Thanks to your kind offer she'll have another couple of chances!

Sarah xxx
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