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peterborough October 10th

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Who is going.It's a great day out and lots of trade stalls,animals,food and entertainment.In fact dare I say it,we usually do some Christmas shopping there.Brace's only 104 days to Christmas.I will be there and I'm really looking forward to it.Hoping to purchase some decent wellies and a new dog bed.
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well done all !!. I dont recognise ONE person in them photographs !!-anyone help !!
I'll go back and write a caption in the post :D

I'm sorry to the lovely people whose names I don't know!

Sarah xxx
Ta. Terry had dark hair last time I saw him, and I had hair last time he saw me. No wonder I didnt recognise him !- off course that is David Montgomery !!! Thanks for doing that .
Thats my hereford Buck in there, what a lovely photo of him!
Well done to everyone!
Sorry Best in Show and Best opposite age in show did not have medals. Dave Leigh hasn't posted them down to me, please Pm me your addresses and i will forward the medals when Phil collects them for me at the Preston show.
What did everyone think of the section cards? They are the fantastic ones Brian Cookson used to use, they are my fav!
They seemed good quality I liked them.People think you are going to do a good job.I'll collect my medal from Phil at Preston if thats o.k.I do like those medals.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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