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peterborough October 10th

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Who is going.It's a great day out and lots of trade stalls,animals,food and entertainment.In fact dare I say it,we usually do some Christmas shopping there.Brace's only 104 days to Christmas.I will be there and I'm really looking forward to it.Hoping to purchase some decent wellies and a new dog bed.
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Doh! who holds shows on a sunday?....oh yeah thats right we at the WCMC do!. Well Im not gonna beat myself up too badly as 95% of shows are on saturdays.
Yeah I got a bit muddled up this week with it being on a Sunday. Its given me more prep time though as Ive had the whole day today, I like to do as little as physically possible the morning of shows.
Same here, I just load the car and go on show mornings. Peterborough is the best show for me in that respect though, I don't have to leave until 9:15 to get there for 10:00 tomorrow morning!

I'm really excited, can't wait. See you all there! :gwavebw

Sarah xxx
wished I did.I'll be up between 4.30 and 5 .Dogs still have to be walked and other animals looked after plus a few horrible chores so that I manage to keep on top of things in the week.I've booked a day off work so that I can manage Preston and Manchester.Retirement can't come quick enough for me.Sunday shows are better for me.
yey means i'll meet you at manchester then sarah will have to say ello
Artuntaure said:
yey means i'll meet you at manchester then sarah will have to say ello
I'll really look forward to that.I'm judging.
ahhh cool, well i have nothing to show my litters will be too young but i'm coming to have a look and a natter
IT'S SHOW DAY! Good luck everyone :D

Sarah xxx
Good luck to all :D :D

I'm only going to be there for a little while because I have to get back in time to work this afternoon, but looking forward to seeing you all.

Well what an awesome day! My mice won Best Opposite Age Self (silver U/8) and Best Opposite Age Satin (dove satin U/8)!!! I couldn't be more proud, those are my best results yet! :D :D :D

The show was lovely, as always. Not many mice, but they were of very high quality all round. I took lots of pictures and I'll post them on here later on. I'm also sending them to the NMC magazine editor.

Sarah xxx
and I got best self and best opposite age in show with a red.Stuart got best in show with one of his fabulous silver tans and Joe got best marked with the old faithful even.I think best satin was also a red.I don't know about best aov.A great sociable day,wonderful weather.
Yes, big congratulations SarahC! :D It was a beautiful red satin that won best satin, don't know the AOV winner for sure but I think it was a black fox.

Sarah xxx
Well done both Sarahs. It was a long and tiring day, such a big ground and lots to get aorund and see. I was exhausted which hopefully explains why I was half asleep when I was attempting (and failing) to focus on a conversation with you the end SarahY.

I had intended to enter a totally by chance but well marked even but unfortunately she was very rattly when I went to collect her from the shed this morning. I replaced her with a hereford and it did ok, 2nd u/8 marked challenge. I believe I lost out to a Joe Bennett Even which seems to have happened alot this year :roll:
All of my rumpwhites fell to crap and there were two which werent even placed. Ive got to go back and take a good look at the rumpwhites, I think I need to do something drastic.
Pictures, huzzah!

Terry Thorne judging, David Montgomery in blue on the right, the back of Keith Berry's head in the middle.

Sarah xxx
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I see Keith!! hehee He was lovely with me at Enfield.

Glad everyone had a great time, congrats Sarah and Sarah! hehe

W xx
Big congratulations to tratallen, it was her second show with her beautiful reds and she came second place in AOC Self Ad and third place in the Self Challenge! The mouse is the red in the photos I posted :)

Congratulations honey!

Sarah xxxxx
Congrats to both Sarahs. Brilliant results with really difficult varieties. I am glad your determination and patience is paying off with the doves Sarah Y, I know what its like to beat your head against the brick wall of obscure mice!....Oh yeah Sarah C who was right to say beware the fancier who says they havent got any good ones eh?...cmon admit it I was right!.
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