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I came to a horrifying realisation this morning. All of the mice that I own are sick.

There is nothing worse than sitting with a litter of two weekers and realising that you can hear them chuffling away.

Its completely my own idiocy that's got me into this mess, and I can't keep ignoring it and hoping it will go away, because it isn't. I've tried everything, and just like everyone tells you... it doesn't work.

I don't have the heart to cull all of my mice when they're still mostly well. I am giving up the treatments however, and I'll cull them as they start to deteriorate. I don't want them to suffer, but while they're still enjoying life, let them be. And I'll be making a chamber to do it here. Ten times more humane than taking them to our vets.

So. I have one litter in the nest. All of the boys have to go at this stage, because I was taking them to the petstore, and I can't house all three of them. TBH, they have mites and the sneezes, I doubt they'll be with us long... The girls are staying, though, until they show signs of losing condition. At the moment they're just as active as any other litter, bar the chuffing. Then two litters due, both of which I'll be culling within hours. No point bringing them on just to die weeks later.

Its so depressing. Walking into the room now is heartbreaking.
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