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Since I first decided to start breeding mice I have been really good (for me!) and have religiously avoided all pet shop mice waiting to get some show type stock from a breeder.

I was in my local sub post office today and as usual I had a look at the postcards in the window - you know the for sale/wanted type :roll:

Free to Good Home- 3 young mice plus cage,due to allergy.

It was in the next street to me,so I just had to go round didn't I lol!

They have only had them a week,and it became obvious they were getting rid because one of the mice is a biter and the child they were bought for is scared of them,I suppose allergy sounds better :)

So I now have 3 young girls plus cage,wheel etc. What is that saying 'the road to ruin is paved with good intention' :lol:
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Not sure whether they will be any use for breeding etc but they are entertaining

The satin one in the food pot is the pit bull in disguise lol!

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Ooo I like the Dove Tan!! The first mouse I ever truely loved was a dove tan called Gabrielle! hehe Mnay years ago... Ahh i'm so old!
Looks like you got some lovely girls. The marked dove tan is especially nice with a very good orange tummy. I also like the satin marked fawn. You got very lucky!
Thanks very much :) I have been watching them all night,better than the television lol
What would the white/brown one be called in terms of variety? Or is it just a mongrel lol
Thanks,sounds better than a mongrel! I like her spot to the side of her nose.
gorgeous!! Don't worry you aren't the only one who would have had their heart strings tugged lol
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