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One day before giving birth: Guess the number of babies

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Here is one of my elder Tricolor does one day before giving birth to her third litter. This lady is a very tame mouse and a good mother of dark Tricolors, but it will be her last litter, because she is nearly 10 months old now and will retire.
Guess the number of babies in this litter. Any idea?

Best regards, Roland
Chilloutarea Mousery - Tricolor , Splashed , Merle , Recessive Red
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Hmmmmm, I think that it has to be 10 babies, Roland.

Edited for punctuation :roll:
oh lordy! Shes huge. Methinks its 9, but only because that my favourite number.
im going with 14, she looks about the size of mine the day before
8 cos its my magic number but shes huge so more likely about 17
I'm gonna go with 13, cos its my lucky number. She's a gorgeous little girl :D
I'm going with 12, too. My last 4 litters have been 12, so it seems like a good number. :lol:
so far nobody hit the right number, but it is guessing only, indeed.

A hint: Her first litter were 11 and her second litter were 16
(but I culled down the first litter to 6 and the second to 8, as soon as I could notice the markings of the babies).
I reduced the numbers of her third and last litter again.

Regards, Roland
mmmm im going with 11 aswell, :D :D
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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