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Im new to mice but actually think I get what your saying. Which to me is reading simply you have a various mice of one genetic colour but with the same genetic make up (that is currently known) actually look different to each other, so various shades of champagne from the really light to the really dark. And asking if we think there are possibly further genetic classifications or something else that this could be attributed too. Is that what your saying or have I completely mis read you.

Anyway if I think I have got what you mean then the way I currently look at it there are further genetics that havent been discovered or classified but fall more into the catergories of hypo and hyper melanism. In snakes (where I do understand genetics)there is an albino gene in the royal python that has both a tyrosinase postive and negative meaning the melanine to create the brown is for lack of a better word leaky so you get yellow and white albino ranging through to a darker caramel albino meaning with further selective breeding it could be possible to adjust the level to create a number of shades.

Not sure how much is truly transferable to mice and I hope that makes some sense.
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