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old mouse become pregnant?

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i have two mice in a cage outside in the shed. one is young and one is about two years old. niether of them are breeding stock.

ive noticed that they seem to be pregnant :/ but theres no male mouse to get them pregnant. either they have some kind of disease or they have somehow been visited by a male. the old mouse seems to be having trouble breathing and also looks fluffy all of a sudden.

does anyone have any idea what may have happened to them. all this has happened within a matter of weeks.
does any one have any advice for me? it will be much apreciated :)
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Aww. I'm thinking that if the older mouse actually is pregnant, it would have to have been visited by a wild male house mouse. However, if the mouse looks fluffed up, it could indicate other problems. I think enlarged kidneys can make mice look kind of pregnant. Is there a chance you could bring the mousie indoors and put her on some soft tissues for a night so that you can observe her pees and poos? If her pee is clear, this is often a very indicative sign of kidney failure (it means the kidney is not cleaning the stuff out - so you have low urine gravity). This can also cause a mouse (well, any mammal, for that matter) to become bloated and fluid overloaded. You know, like when people go on dialysis to clean and remove excess fluid. :p

Have you looked at the mouse's nipples? If she is pregnant and somewhat close to term, I believe the nipples will be enlarged. Is your mousie eating and drinking more?

Edit -- Whoops, I seem to have missed that you said both mice appear to be pregnant. :p I would take both of them indoors and observe them - they might actually both be sick instead of pregnant. Mice tend to have dull, 'fluffy' fur when they get sick, especially with respiratory issues (from what I have seen).
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wow. that was great advice, thanks! ill do that tonight and keep a check on them. thanks again
Are you certain that your mouse pregnant? If she is, she could have been visited by a male house mouse. If you are not certain, you might want to bring her to a vet for check-up. She could be suffering from an enlargement of something inside her.

how to get pregnant fast
They could have worms if you have not been treating them with a preventative medication.
You need to act now as time is vital with small animals. First thing to do is get them warmed up in the house. Then vet for a broad spectrum antibiotic.
there all wormed now and looking much better. whats the best preventive meds to give them?
Preventatives for worms are the same as for mites: ivermectin-based sprays (sold for birds). They kill internal (worms) and external (mites/lice) parasites. I spray mine about once a month.

You remember when I put a drop on the back of your mice's neck? That's what that was :p
I do it once a month to 6 weeks.

You're welcome. :) I agree with Jack's advice too regarding worms and parasites. How are your mice doing now?
will be buying all the meds a mouse could wish for lol
the mice are all better now. all except the old mouse. shes getting thiner, stoped eating, and become a recluse :( so i dont think she has long left. shes had a great life for a mouse though
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