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Ohio FMBA Show!

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Just wanted to see if anyone from here was going? I believe it's April 12th, and I'm so excited for it! There's more info on the FMBA site but I just wanted to get a handle on who was going and what varieties would be there so I can prepare my cages lol.
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I know for sure that several of the East Coast folks are going, plus obviously all the Ohio folks are going to get off their butts to go. I'm thinking about maybe going. If you're on FB, you may find it easier to liase with the folks who're attending there. The FMBA FB has an event page for it where you could post the list of what you're looking for.
Would it be alright for me to be in the group without being a part of the FMBA? I'm going to the show but I don't have a paypal or anything so I haven't signed up as part of the FMBA yet.
Don't see why not. Most of the folks on the FB group aren't club members yet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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