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Now i know

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Just got access to this section!

I've never culled a pinkie or fluff in my life and i always wondered how you guys do it, i knew feeder breeders freeze them all the time, but at the same time a lot of them aren't rodent lovers, i use a Co2/Argon mix to gas mine and they've always been over 4 weeks old when i do it.

I heard somewhere that freezing was painful because they freeze from the inside out, and it put me off culling babies, the thought it horrible.

But i've been reading through this section and it seems from the way you talk about it, thats it relativly painless and very quick!

I'm still not sure i could box them up and do it, so that would be the OH's job, but i think i could feel more at ease knowing where they are going now and not think about it too much :)
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ew thats gross, that poor mouse, ive never come across a mouse which was that drastically injured. I have had several mice who have attacked and killed other mice but by the time I get there most of the dead mouse has been eaten.
These little furries can be such unpleasant thugs sometimes. I find it interesting that alot of the aggression i've seen in mice seems to be down to personality of individuals. Genetics seems to play a big part. I had to remove an entire line of my rump whites last year which decended from one black tan doe. I managed to breed from a few of the does but mostly they would be too aggressive to be introduced. I had a few bucks loses their testicles and then when one buck was killed I decided all of the aggressive does had to go. I had one aggressive male once that killed a doe, but mostly its been the does, anyway he was actually from a very calm genetic line but he was a horrible little bugger.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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