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Now i know

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Just got access to this section!

I've never culled a pinkie or fluff in my life and i always wondered how you guys do it, i knew feeder breeders freeze them all the time, but at the same time a lot of them aren't rodent lovers, i use a Co2/Argon mix to gas mine and they've always been over 4 weeks old when i do it.

I heard somewhere that freezing was painful because they freeze from the inside out, and it put me off culling babies, the thought it horrible.

But i've been reading through this section and it seems from the way you talk about it, thats it relativly painless and very quick!

I'm still not sure i could box them up and do it, so that would be the OH's job, but i think i could feel more at ease knowing where they are going now and not think about it too much :)
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I've never have a problem with fighting between any of my mice before, can't be nice..

I get it with multi's though, usually if food or water is missed overnight, i was very poorly at xmas and didn't feed them one night, next morning the girls had ganged up on the male and eaten half of him, they're such little monsters, if they tip their water bowl over and you don't realise for a couple of hours they start eating the babies however big or grown on they are :roll: never a nice sight! :shock:

I had to cull a gerbil once when the other attacked her, that was prob the worse experience of culling, because unlike mice and rats, gerbils panic and they start hopping and flapping around and banging against the sides, i had to cover the box and leave the room for 15mins until i was sure it was dead before i checked :|
I think rabbits and hamsters are particularly prone, but i suppose if its for one animal then it could be for all?

I know of rat breeders who won't breed aggressive stock, i never bred rabbits from aggressive parents, but that was more not risking it than knowing...
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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