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NMC Question.

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Wasn't entirely sure where to post this, so if not allowed here feel free to delete :)

I was wondering, with the NMC, roughly how many entries do you get per show? Just me being curious :) I attend shows with various clubs in Australia, and entries can vary a bit between them.

I have also seen that you have membership available for international folks such as myself. What dos this membership entail and what are the benefits of becoming an international member? Does the int. membership come with newsletters, documents relating to shows, husbandry etc? I am keen to know :)

Thank you! <3
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entries range from about 120 to 250 exhibits generally,give or take.Some shows are more prestigious than others and attract more entries.Membership includes a monthly magazine and year book with show results,pictures and other bits and bobs.Any member is encouraged to contribute to the content.
Awesome, sounds about the size roughly of some Aus shows, though that does sometimes include rats (most Aus clubs are rat and mouse clubs, they're not separate).

Sounds interesting! I may very well consider an international membership, thanks for answering my question SarahC, you've been very helpful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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