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Nice shot!

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ICED Kahlua on the prowl..

No our siamese aren't pointed as well as your mice either :( . But she's a pretty nice example for an 8 week old mouse anyway.
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Wonderful picture!! What a cute little mousie!
Very cute! Were her ears like that from birth, or is it just a trick of the camera?
Gorgeous! can't wait til i get my siamese. :) xx
She's folding her ears back a bit in the photo. Her ears aren't perminantly folded back.
She'll be attending her first show tomorrow!

It's going to be interesting. I have an unrelated doe who looks identical!
She is very cute and that's a fantastic composition.
she came first in shaded rex :) .
She is so pretty!! She deserved first place :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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