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Nibbles and Nadia's new litter-now w/pix!

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Nibbles and Nadia, both nicely marked tris, have a new litter of seven lovely long bodied eekers. It's her first litter so I didn't take pix tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Nibbles is Nadia's sire, so I have great hopes for this litter. they have almost identical markings, and this is the first time I've bred a couple who were so similar. She's short haired, though, while he is long haired, so I guess I'll have some more long haired tris.

They are five days old now; I am annoyed with myself for not getting a good pic of the babbers. In any case, they appear appear to be marked different than either parent. Got good pix of Nibbles and Nadia, though.


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Aw fantastic, looking forward to wiggler pics!
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