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Nibbles and Nadia's new litter-now w/pix!

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Nibbles and Nadia, both nicely marked tris, have a new litter of seven lovely long bodied eekers. It's her first litter so I didn't take pix tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Nibbles is Nadia's sire, so I have great hopes for this litter. they have almost identical markings, and this is the first time I've bred a couple who were so similar. She's short haired, though, while he is long haired, so I guess I'll have some more long haired tris.

They are five days old now; I am annoyed with myself for not getting a good pic of the babbers. In any case, they appear appear to be marked different than either parent. Got good pix of Nibbles and Nadia, though.


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I hope some of the bootiful ickle babies have markings like nadia because she is so pretty!
They maybe don't look anything like mum or dad but they are still super cute!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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