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newb question

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I'm finally starting to learn genetics. I just ordered a book that Mrs. Beach recommended to me also but I am still basically clueless... It seems very complex. Anyway, my agouti tan doe was mated with my recessive yellow buck and I was curious if with that information if you'd be able to give me a guess of what I can expect from this litter? I know I'll probably have more agouti tans but that's about it. Can't wait to meet the babies!
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In order to know what you'll get, you'd have to know what the recessive yellow is carrying. Recessive yellow and albino both make guessing what you'll get really difficult, since they mostly cover up what's under them. Having started to look at genetics, have you started to understand Punnet Squares? Basically, for each gene, the mouse has a 50-50 chance of getting either of their mom's copy for that locus, and a 50-50 on either of dad's genes. The combination those two copies is what the baby gets. So for example, A/at (agouti tan) and Avy/a (dominant yellow carrying black, not your buck) would give you A/Avy, A/a, Avy/at, and at/a. If you know what the buck's parents look like, you might make a guess at what he's got at A. That said, this breeding can give you a good idea of what he does have.
Thanks for taking the time to type that out, I appreciate it! I'm going to need all the help I can get I believe but once I get the basics down I should be good.
I did breed the buck... His mother is either a poor black or a mock chocolate... I can't tell. And his father is a broken black. you can check out my mouserydatabase at his name is Rufio. You'll see the agouti tan, Bug on there also. you can find his parents on there as well as one of his litters. Thanks so much!
Looks like Rufio came from black parents, which definitely helps us figure out what you could expect. Both parents are a/a, so Rufio will be, too. There's a chance one or both parents were carrying chocolate, but it looks like Rufio's babies are all black, too, so I'd guess not. If he weren't recessive red, he'd be black, if that makes any sense. You have Bug marked as being Aw/*, but I'm used to seeing most agouti tans as A/at. If that's what she is, we have both of mum's A's and both of dad's A's. For the A locus at least, each baby will get from Bug EITHER A or at and from Rufio they'll all get a. So you could guess that you'll get agoutis (A/a) and black tans (at/a). Breeding the black tan babies back to Bug wouuld give you agoutis (A/a), agouti tans (A/at), and black tans (at/a or at/at).

So, if you were wanting more agouti tans, it may take another generation. If, however, you see agouti tans in the litter with Rufio and Bug, you do have Aw rather than A/at (which is pretty cool imo). On the other hand, if Bug's Aw/* instead of A/at, we don't know what the other A-locus gene is. But you'll likely find out. :D

Also, I see Rufio has a mini tail. Is he some variety of manx, or was he injured? I do notice none of his offspring in your database are tailless. His baby picture is adorable.
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