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New to this mouse thing :)

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Hello! My name is Danielle and I am a new mouse person? haha. I only have females right now, breeding isn't anywhere in the near future but hopefully someday! Um.. I am a high school graduate recently and moved out to Maryland from Iowa to be with my significant other. I bought fancy mice as a pet because I had to leave my beloved dog behind with my family and I wanted something small and easy to take care of so it wouldn't require all my time. I am not a member of NMC, but it does interest me, maybe sometime after I'm on my feet officially. I'm new at this whole mouse thing and am still learning a lot as I go.

All my mice are different, interesting colors. We have a reddish brown and white (Cinnamon), black and white (Pepper), white and grey (Frosty), mixed brown and tan (Rusty), and a creamy greyish color (Baby). They all have their own personalities and we love them dearly.

I know I was supposed to post here first but I missed the last part and I apologize, I was just desperate and concerned about my mice.
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