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hi people

just an introduction

im mike

i have just started to try and breed fancy mice as i already breed rats for my snakies

i have not as of yet had any bay mice (execpt in the past) as only had them a little while
im not to clued up on the different kinds yet
but im looking and learning
so far i have
white ones red eyes
black and white
grey (dark and light)

will have to post up pics so i know what they are

oh did i say i breed snakes
mostly corns and royals

hope to speak to u all again

thanks mike

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cool, pet shop mice are a lot smaller generally than show types; have you seen show mice in the flesh; they look amazing!

your welcome to come have a look at mine; i've only just started too. visit my site to see. I've just had my first litter of show line mice.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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