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I have been looking in to it and I think I may well start breeding and possibly showing my own fancy pet mice. Could you suggest somewhere I can buy mouse breeding cages etc ? I would appreciate some expert advice.
Hi Ash and welcome to the forum. If you want to show you will need to get new top quality stock in your chosen variety from whoever has the best and breed your own mice. The best way to start is to join the NMC ( and visit a few shows. The only hurdle may be the distance as a lot of shows are a long way from you in the north. There are some southern shows but nothing south of London as of yet. However it is a great hobby and I think it's one that the whole family can get into (your kids could become juvenile members if they're 15 or under and show their own mice too). As for breeding cages people use varying kinds. The 'old fashioned' ones are made from wood and you could make these yourself. I prefer plastic as they are easy to clean, light to lift and carry and if I need more I can just buy some (I'm not a practical person!).
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