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New Satin but what colour is she??

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I got this little girl today

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Looks like a dark cham tan to me :D
The top colour looks argente to me - I think I see an undercoat?
Can a mouse be red eyed dominant yellow?
Because it looks like a poor dominant yellow with red eyes, to me. :?

I'd say recessive yellow, but due to location, that's a negatory.
We only have dominant yellow in the UK (Ay not ee). But you wouldn't be able to see a tan belly on such a mouse even if it were genetically there.
I can take a picture of her belly?
It looks like there's a demarcation line? What you really need is a photo of her side to see if there's a dividing line between top colour and belly colour. But yes, a belly photo too :D
I see the line too, but I can't tell if it's just the lighting. . .
Belly photo would be great! :D
Ok more pics, my camera has a super bright flash so its made her look a bit more ginger than she actually is! :lol: here is a few shots of her without the flash which is her actuak colour, I cant seem to get a belly shot she's too wriggly, any ideas on that one??

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Okay, wow. HUGE colour difference there!
I'm going with -dark- Champagne self. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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