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New Rat Litter

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They are 8 days old today. This litter is from Nutmeg (Agouti Berkshire) to Creampuff (Amber Self). Ignore the mess, it was cleaning day. There are 3 more babies in the other corner.

One of the black hooded babies.

And a male I might keep. Not sure of his color though.
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Congratulations -they are gorgeous, I am a sucker for babies.
Thanks :D

I love rats. I'm getting better photos of each individual baby today. If anyone wants me to, I can post them up here. :)

Oh and if someone could shed some light on some rat genetics. I was told the father was an amber, so he is an agouti with pink eyed dilute. So he is Aa / pp right? (since some of the babies are black, that means he has to carry a (black) ) Now we can also safely say they both carry albino, since they have produced several albinos (PEW). If I post up the new pictures of the babies, maybe I can get a better idea of what else they carry.
I love the little boy you are holding! And I definitely wouldn't say no to seeing more piccies :p
There are 14 all together. From what I can tell (first time sexing anything younger than 2 weeks old) this litter was very female heavy. 11 females and 3 males. My sister might be taking one of the males and I'm keeping the silvery boy. Now I just need to decide what girls to keep. Some of the weights have me a bit worried. The weights of these pups range from 14g to 24g. I will be watching them closely and might cull the ones I don't want to keep so the others have a better chance. You all can help me decide which to keep if you'd like. I just read some info on PEW vs Albino. Can anyone explain the difference if there is one and how to tell?

Female #1 - Black Berkshire with Head Spot - 24g

Female #2 - Albino - 23g

Female #3 - Agouti - 19g

Female #4 - Albino - 20g

Female #5 - Black Berkshire - 21g

Female #6 - Black Hood with Blaze - 22g

Female #7 - Albino - 17g

Female #8 - Black - 22g (no picture. Guess I forgot to take it. Oops)

Female # 9 - Agouti Hooded with Head Spot - 18g

Female #10 - Albino - 15g

Female #11 - Agouti with Spot - 15g

Male #1 - Agouti Hood - 16g

Male #2 - Black Hood - 14g

Male #3 - Silver-ish with Streak - 14g
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Looks like a couple of Dumbo's in there :)

A litter of 14 shouldnt need to be culled down really unless Mum is too young and as this is a deliberate mating i wouldnt have thought so :?:
Those with headspots could be what we call Essex variety but there is at least 3 very respected rat judges/breeders on this forum so i am sure they will come along with more info for you :)

Doe's mum appear to be struggling at all ? She will need extra protein while nursing them and so will they while they grow ;)

Cant wait to see new pictures thankyou for sharing with us :D :p
How can you tell some of them are dumbo? Both the parents have standard ears. I'm never got to see the outcome of her first litter because they all died except one. This litter she is doing so much better, but some babies are getting fed more than others. She seems to be picking 3-4 babies and separating them from the nest and feeding those in the nest. I keep putting them back in and every time I go up there, she is still separating some out, sometimes the same ones, sometimes not. I need a few for feeders anyway, so bringing 14 down to a lower number like 8-10 or so would be better for the babies.

And I am supplementing her diet. Last night she got some hard boiled egg, a little sliver of turkey (not a lot), some veggies. I do this all the time whether they are pregnant, not pregnant, or with a litter. I like knowing my rats are getting everything they need. They always get my meal leftovers as long as what I'm eating does not contain anything they can't have (things that are toxic) or does not contain too much salt or sugar. :) Today they are getting whole grain pasta and maybe some apple slices. Yummy!

Oh and I just looked it up and I think Female #9 is a Variegated. The other two with dots on their heads are essex. The blazed girl is....well a blazed :lol:. I've decided to keep all 4 of those girls. My husband demands I name them Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. The silverish boy is named Basil.
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The ear is positioned differently like i said i could be worng :lol:

So how old do you let them grow on untill for feeder purposes ?
Albino girlie #4 looks to be a dumbo to me ;)

W xx
WillowDragon said:
Albino girlie #4 looks to be a dumbo to me ;)

W xx
I very much agree :D
It would be really cool if she was! If she is a dumbo I might keep her too. :D
Hehe! Check me out! And I haven't kept or bred rats for many, many years! And I never had a dumbo either... I rock lol
Do any of the other babies look dumbo or is she the only one? Does anyone know what Basil is? He is the silvery looking one at the bottom. I'm stumped.
Is he black eyed? He definately looks ticked in the first pic you put up... maybe blue agouti?

W xx
Well due to the heat outside and our AC not working, the rats are beginning to overheat. It is 76 downstairs and maybe around 78-79 in the animal room where the rats are. Basil was laying on his side, making a small gasping motion. I brought him downstairs and I'm giving him pedialite (spelling) to get some fluids in him. I can't stand this heat and my rodents are suffering for it. Anything I can do to cool them down? I was thinking of putting ice in their water bottles. Would this help? Or maybe set out some dishes of ice near a fan to blow cooler air into the room.
fill plastic bottles with water and freeze them. then place them in the cage;

last year we had an unusually hot period in Britain, this is what idid,

the rats loved it, they lay next to the bottles of ice.

I just kept spares in the freezer and changed them when needed.
I was looking after my niece's meeces last year during the really hot weather and sought advice from a friend who suggested that I chill a ceramic tile (in tact, not broken), in the refrigerator then place it in the cage as a coolant. I know its the opposite for lizards as we have to heat a ceramic tile (well a slate one anyway) for my daughter's bearded dragon.
Heat a ceramic tile for a bearded dragon? How hot does it get? I would be worried about burns.

Well the heat has gone. Everyone is doing well. The silvery male died and a few other babies did. The rest are doing very well. The little dumbo albino girl is doing well but she's a bit smaller than the others. I'm hoping she will make it to weaning. Some of these babies are so pudgy! Updated pics when they start opening their eyes.
So sorry you lost some of your rats fuzzymom. A slate tile is in the viv and is heated up by the heat of the lamp in there, just in the hot spot below the branch where the Beardie basks. When researching with breeders here a few said that that's what they did. The Beardie doesn't have a hot rock cos they can burn them.
Ok. :) I used to have beardies and I hope to get into them again and maybe even eventually breed them. :)

The blaze female is one of the pudgiest. She is so adorable! Her name is Sage.
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