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New Puppy!

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Meet Sky (My husband named her)
She came in as a rescue, but my husband has fell in love with her, so she will be staying.
She is a Bloodhound & Labrador Retriever mix.

(She looks more houndish in person)
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She's adorable :D :D
No wonder he fell for her, you'd have to be made of stone......
Thanks :)
I must admit, I do think she is cute :D
Oh my, look at those eyes! She is gorgeous =)
I told my husband the last thing we need is a hound,but all well.
I started her training yesterday, she seems pretty smart, so hopefully it keeps going well.
Why didn't you want a hound? I think she's just adorable!
Thanks :)

Hounds tend to be a bit harder to train since most of them have a 1 track mind and thats on hunting.Plus they tend to be more vocal (or at least louder with their houndish howls) With me having rabbits, mice and everything else, I didnt want a hound since they are prone to going after smaller animals, but so far Sky has been doing good with them. (not that I would ever leave her alone with them though)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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