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New pix of Nora and company

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This big group of does and youngsters got moved to a bigger tank last night. The little ones are actually off of Nibbles, the sire of the others and one of the older girls who has been placed with a yellow tri buck. Nora treats them as if they were her own as she was still lactating.

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very pretty.Think I'll steal the name Nora for my next bulldog.
So pretty! The one with curly fur, is it a texel??
Thanks guys!

About that LH curly baby; I really don't know. I guess texel would fit the look. As I said before, i never tried to breed for curly or long hair, but I seemed to have gotten both mixed in the tris I got at the start. That little one is the longest curliest hair ever in my mousery, and that's why the extra pix of it. I should have sexed the little bugger before the coat got so long and curly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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