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I only got pictures of the buck and one doe. The other doe wouldn't sit still for me to take a picture and they all came out blurry. :( But the buck is beautiful and I can't wait to get some babies from him. Maybe someone can tell me what these two are as far as color. The 2nd female looks just like the first only her hair is more smoothed out. And these little guys need names!


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What does the satin mean? I absolutely love these mice. They are regular pet store mice. I actually got them from a store that specializes in reptiles and these were meant as feeders. I'm hoping I can start handling them soon (don't want to stress them out too much) so they become more comfortable with being handled. The buck, once I got him into my hand was very content to sit in my hand and check out my fingers, even cleaned himself a bit. :) He's very cute. And I love the two does. The other female looks like her hair is not as long and its smoother. So would she be a blue? She's the exact same color.
Most of the time that store carries albinos, black marked, some agouti marked (on rare occasion) and black selfs. Mice like this are a nice find there. So without knowing their background, what might I produce with a pairing like this?
I am absolutely in love with this male. The girls are pretty too though. I can't wait to see babies from these guys.
What will they produce? I know we can't know for sure since we don't know what their parentage is, but anyone fancy a guess?
And what would the genetics of the black satins be? Would they carry the gene for blue? Is satin recessive? Sorry, I should probably be asking these questions in the Genetics section.
I know they all come from the same source. Now the two does are half the size of the buck, so I'm pretty sure the does are not on a sibling level with the male, but if the supplier has long haired satins in his colony, do you think there might be a chance of them being too related to breed?
I don't know their exact ages, but I'd estimate them to be around 8 weeks or so, so they have another month to go before I put the boy in with them. I had him in there with them at first but then I separated them. The boy is in his own 10g. I finally got a picture of the other doe. I'll upload it in a few minutes. The flash kept washing out her color so I'll post a picture with flash and one without.
They are still around 19-20g right now. They were kept in a tub with other mice so they may have been in with males for a while. When I had the male in with them for a few days he showed no interest in breeding with them. I think they were too busy getting used to their new surroundings. I will provide them with extra food just in case though.
Well I've had them for about a week now, so I suppose we will see in about 2 weeks. Is there anything specific I could be giving them just in case they are pregnant? Any fresh foods?
1 - 10 of 19 Posts
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