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New mice-owner/breeder

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I own 4 ferrets and I have wanted to breed mice for a long time, to use for food. At the same time I am interested in fancy mice, so when I found some a little less than ordinary mice in a petstore nearby (they usually just have pew), I just had to have them. The goal is to breed food for the ferrets, but I think of the mice as a hobby, and will care for them well when they are here. Some of them will probably be pets, I am already happy about the ones I have (I will end up with 10000 mice! :oops: )

I just got them home today, and I adore them, especially the male, a siamese seal point satin, one of my favorite mice. I got 3 females for him. A dove, an agouti piebald and a chokolate satin or burmese satin, I am not sure, but I was told it could be the last.

I am completele new at this, and I am here to learn.

My Mice:

Best regards
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What pretty little meece! :D I'm so jealous that you found Satin's in a pet store.

Welcome to the forum!
Hello.They are very pretty.I also have ferrets that are fed on mice.
Thank you for the welcome :) And fun to meet another ferret owner here.
Bella: I dont think they are normal in petstores here either. Often petstores only have pew and maybe some agouties, so I just had to have them! I have something for siamese/himalayan/pointet mice, and the satin just makes them more pretty.
hello and welcome!
looks very pale to be a siamese, could be a himi over a siamese... if you fancy an experiment breed him to a pew and see what babys you get :) ohh hello and welcome to the forum hehe i want a a ferret or two looking for breeders in my area atm.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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