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Hello everyone, from Australia. Currently have 5 females housed together. Got the oldest from a pet shop in Dec, 2021. (Had 2 others 1died, no warning or symptoms, 1 got out when cage wasn't latched properly) Oldest was getting slow and sad had to get friends urgent. Organised to buy 2 for $30 from someone who breeds them for snakes. Got 4 for same price. (I didn't get to see the mice personally before purchase, had to get someone to pick them up from out of town. Pet shops had none n didn't know when they would get more). 3 possibly pregnant mice and a 5week old grey/ silver/ blue coloured mouse. The 3 possible pregnant mice are black , PEW and a golden looking one with a little bit of white. First picture is of the oldest. (Grey baby wouldn't come out of the house)
✯ Tips for pregnant mice welcome.
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