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Just sayin' hi from Washington! I'm not very good at intros, but here it goes... I used to breed mice, but have just gotten back into it. I love mice and could watch them go on about their lives for hours every day! I have 9 female Adult mice, and 3 Adult males. Five of the mice are fancy mice. I breed my white lab mice for feed/future feeder breeders, and the fancy mice for pets and future breeders as well. I believe even though some of these mice will end up as food, that they all deserve the same great quality treatment that the fancy mice get. As for other animals, I have a seal point Siamese cat, a Savannah monitor lizard (he's almost 3 feet now!:D), and I plan on expanding my reptile collection in the future. I came here to learn more about my mice (already have!) so I can have the healthiest, happiest, and best looking mice possible.

Here are some pics of my female fancy mice and one of the litters, the white/brown mouse had. The other two are about to have babies most likely next week :D


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