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I got up early this morning and set off at 7:30 am to go to Warwickshire to pick up 36 + mice from a mousery that was closing down. I got home and I noticed the breeder I got them off was a back to back breeder, so I split up the 12 babies from their mom and dad, put dad on his own, and Mom is already heavly pregant again due to pop very soon :( Poor girl, There was another female who is a self black and she was in with them aswell so she might be pregnant, There was a group of 6 bucks and I have not split them up I have put them into a bigger tub as they are happy living together. I put all the non pregnant does together in a bigger box aswell even though I would keep a eye on them over the next 2 weeks, and then put the pregnant does in a box of their own so they can make a nest and have their babies in peace without being mated by the buck 15 hours after labour. There was 2 self black does in with a broken fawn longhaired satin buck who I split up, Kept the 2 does together, the one doe is from show lines and has been named Black beauty as she is a black beauty, so this pair could be pregnant. There is also a siamese doe who is pregnant but looks a little small to me so I don't think she will make it. Dayna come over today and collected some females aswell thanks Dayna you helped out alot :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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