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Here are a few litters I have right now.

Litter with two Red eyed Gold bandeds, one variegated Red Eyed Gold, one Variegated Gold Brindle, and one Banded Brindle:


Litter with 3 self argentes, 1 variegated argent, 2 Banded Argent, 1 REW, and 3 Variegated Argentes, mostly white with a few spots on their face.


Litter with 6 'gold' babies, 1 'silver/lilac', and 1 REW. I say 'gold' because they seem to all have random black patches/brindle patches. I also say 'silver/lilac' because I have no idea what color that baby is. The mother is a Gold and the father is a variegated agouti (mostly white), and he's out of a vari merle doe (mostly white with black/grey patches on the face) and by a gold banded buck. Her color was unexpected, lol.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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