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new litter due in next couple of days.

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Iv got a new litter due in the next couple of days.
doe - chocolate & white piebald
buck - dove / silver & white piebald.

this is her first litter. cant wait for the babies to arrive :)
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here is a couple of pics of the mum to be. she should be dropping any day now.

IMG00553-20110309-1654 by Tinkers Mousery, on Flickr[/url]

IMG00556-20110309-1655 by Tinkers Mousery, on Flickr[/url]
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Is the mom chocolate or agouti? I think I see ticking in the fur. I like her white marks very distinctive.
I think she is just a chocolate & white piebald. Yea she is a lovely natured mouse. yea it looks like shes got a lightning stripe down her.
ok so this little lady has had her babies thisafternoon. So far we can count at least 11 babies. hopefully they will all do well.
well the babies are doing fine. and so is mum. she is being very protective so can only take quick peaks in the bed. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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