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New At Breeding Mice

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Hi everyone! I'm a college student in Missouri! I got into breeding mice a few years ago when I bought my first snake. I started breeding for feeders but I started to see the personality of the mice I was keeping and now I have pets as well. Hoping to get more educated regarding breeding, especially for show. If anyone knows of any breeders near/in missouri/kansas, I'm looking to buy a doe.
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I'm in the Saint Louis area, for now at least.
Ooh great to hear there are people in MO! I'm in Kansas City. I'm looking for Agouti or Cinnamon.
I'm actually just across the border, in IL (Saint Louis stretches across two states, a fact most folks don't know).

I have some nice cinnamon mice (see here: ... 5774cd734d).

I won't have any available till late spring or early summer, though. Stay in touch!
hello and welcome
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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