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National Mouse Club, President's Show

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Hi all, just a reminder that this Saturday (June 29th) the Midland Mouse Club will be hosting the NMC President's Show at Lubenham Village Hall (Nr Market Harborough); it looks set to be well attended and should be a really good day! It's free for anyone to come along and have a look round and meet other mousers in an enjoyable atmosphere and our secretary will be there should anyone find they'd like to join the NMC!

A varied selection of tea, coffee, cakes and other refreshments will be available all day and lunch is fresh baked Jacket potato with a choice of Chicken Mayonnaise or Cheese at a cost of £4 but MUST be pre-ordered. You can do this by sending me a PM before Thursday of this week (except NMC exhibitors who should order lunch as usual when placing their entries).

Please come along and join us :D

Lubenham Village Hall
Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
LE16 9TE
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Well, I've joined the NMC, and will be right there, soon as you get those teleport mats up and running. ;) Actually, I was speaking to my friend yesterday, and he said it's a 3 hour drive from his place. I was saying how wonderful it would be to have a mouse show only 3 hours away. His response was shock, and then telling me how 3 hours is not a short driving distance. :lol:

If flying wasn't so horrible to endure, I would be there, if not for that one then others. Perhaps one year in the future.

Hope you have a good showing, and a lovely time. :) I will just live vicariously in the newsletters.
The mice lol, my show team are all boys, the girls are too busy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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