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Name that colour! Lilac and Champagne?

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Okee, my last litter threw me up like four shades of gray which were fun to identify XD. The parents were black X silver or dove (they littered together) and the grandparents were champagne X blue. The champagne is from Willow's champers lines.

I got blue, dove, silver, black and this beauty;

Which I think might be lilac? This photo was taken under a daylight lamp and makes her look very pale blue; her coat is ticked with an almost rusty brownish colour on the tips, and is a paler gray at the hair base. She has black eyes. I couldn't find a photo of lilac, just two completely different descriptions. One book told me a rusted blue look, which I think she fits perfectly. And one said an overal lilac colour which was very unhelpful.

And then two of these;

Which I believe to be champagne, but I want to double check since they are more ginger than my other two champanges. Their coats are evenly coloured with no ticking. They have pink eyes.
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I don't know about the first one but the second one looks like a nice shade of champagne. I've been told about one of my meeces who has pale grey hair tips and pale blue roots is NOT a ticked mousie but a very diluted something, so that's what I think your first photo shows. Exactly what it's diluted from I couldn't say. (my mystery mousie has red eyes so it's not the same as yours).
mousetress wouldnt your one with the pale blue undercoat be a type of argente based colour?
They do look like a Lilac and a Champagne. Lilacs can have a very mealy color because of the dilution gene (blue).

Pretty mice, though.
ss: That's sounds right; Frost has to be some kind of diluted argente, unless it's the tri genes playing a trick on me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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