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Mystery in chocolate litter *pic*

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My Chocolate X Broken Chocolate litter just turned a week old.
I was expecting chocolates and black. (Not sure what either parent carries)
When the pigment started coming in 5 or the 6 were dark and 1 was real fur, so I thought it was 5 backs and 1 chocolate.
Well I was wrong, theres 5 chocolates and 1 unknown.
It has black eyes. What do you guys think? I'll have more pictures as the fur comes in more

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It's probably Lilac (chocolate and blue). You wouldn't have got any blacks if both parents are chocolate, the entire litter would be chocolate based :)

Sarah xxx
Well I was told the parents look mock chocolate on another forum and probly had black in their pedigrees somewhere in the line, so I wasnt sure on whether or not I would get blacks. I was just expecting chocoltes,but when I seen the color difference I was thrown off.
I was thinking Lilac, but wasnt 100% sure.
What's cordovan?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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