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My set-up!

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The pictures are taken, when you walk in the room, looking left first, then forward, then right, and then back at the door. The biiiiig giant tank (125 gallon) holds Joanna, my savanna monitor. It's about 6 foot long, I could get inside and take a bath if I wanted. :lol:
There are also a few skulls on the shelf from my collection. ;)

The cages in the floor are transport cages that Mrs.Beach brought some mice over in. :D :D :D

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Oh right! Photos courtesy of Mrs.Rebecca Duve! A friend of Ann's (Mrs.Beach) who visited together recently!

Haha, I can't believe you saw the glasses there! :lol:
I don't like to wear them on my face when I'm looking at things that are close to me, but when I try to put them on my head, they slide off! So they end up in the floor of the mouse room all the time. :roll:
Yes they love the hanging parts! They like to go up there and eat. And they like to come up on those hanging shelves to get your attention if they want something. :p
Or if they want to get on your hand. :)
I think I have about 22 cages or so. :D
I'm about to set up another, bigger one, for retired does, too. :)

I don't know how old my monitor is, but I think she is maybe 6, or 7 years old. I got her from a pet store, where someone had abandoned her, in a box. And she was just under a foot long. Now, she's a bit over 2 feet, maybe even 3 feet long. :lol:
I've had her for almost 4 years. :)
She is very sweet, and tolerates a lot, especially since she has to live in a room, surrounded by food she's not allowed to eat. :lol:
I get the cages from Freecycle, and craigslist, and yard sales. :D
I never payed more than ten dollars for a tank. I've gotten some bigger tanks, and traded them for smaller ones before, too.

And yes, she's my 'mouse garbage disposal'. :p
As well as my opossum, who eats culled pinkies and gerbils.
You can see the gerbils in the two tanks on the shelf closest to the bird cage. :lol:
I don't -really- do gerbils, they just fell into my possesion, and I've been keeping them for a while. They get larger wheels, and more hay, because they shred the hay to BITS in a day. Then I fill half the tank back up with hay, and they shred it again. :lol:

They also get huge cardboard tubes that are super duper thick, that came from a camera store. They had some type of film on them. But it's nice, because if I try to give them normal paper towel tubes, or toilet paper tubes, they're gone in minutes!
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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