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My set-up!

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The pictures are taken, when you walk in the room, looking left first, then forward, then right, and then back at the door. The biiiiig giant tank (125 gallon) holds Joanna, my savanna monitor. It's about 6 foot long, I could get inside and take a bath if I wanted. :lol:
There are also a few skulls on the shelf from my collection. ;)

The cages in the floor are transport cages that Mrs.Beach brought some mice over in. :D :D :D

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I have to wear glasses all the time, I'm horrible without them. The sad thing is, my mom and I have almost the smae perscription, only hers are bifocals!

I love your set-up! I would love a room devoted only to mice. All my mice are in a china hutch right now, hidding in a corner, and it's just not satisfying when I want to sit there and stare at them. Ever wonder if staring at small, moving prey animals is a predatory hind-brain leftover? Maybe that's why so many people find it soothing! :lol:
Do you feed her mice at all? Ones you've had to cull, maybe? Where do you get your cages from? The main thing that hold me back from getting more glass cages is the expense.
You do gerbils too? What does the set up for those look like?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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